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We work with leading corporations to connect them with an outstanding deal flow of international technology companies. We also support open innovation strategies through custom build programs and initiatives.

  • Sourcing the most promising deals at good valuation.
  • Assessing and evaluating the technologies & IP.
  • Building and operating business innovation platforms (accelerator, incubator, open innovation hubs).
  • Piloting new business ideas on their behalf.

We take advantage of our large multidisciplinary pool of scientific and business expertise.

  • Scouting for some of the major national and multinational corporations in Spain.
  • 4 buy side mandates executed last year.
  • We evaluate a new project every two days.
  • Managing innoLab Bilbao, an open innovation platform of IBM, Iberdrola, Mondragon Corporation, Euskaltel, BBK and the University of Deusto in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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